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Burning Fur's Journal
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Wednesday, April 30th, 2003
11:56 am
Some advice
Every year I always pack way way way way too much. I love costuming, and so I always bring down this huge hocky duffle bag (the kind you can put a dead body in) full of costumes, and I almost never touch it, because, well, I love being nude and I don't burn. If I do wear something during the day its usually a sun dress and a big hat.

Fursuits are definetly for the evening only, personally in the evening I usually wear faux fur jackets and such, I like going more for the sexy than the fun look. Last year there was a camp (which I may be part of this year) that had a Plushie and Pajama party, and there was a guy in a tigger costume, but he didn't know what furry was. In actuality in all my years of going I have not seen hardly any fursuits or met any other furries, other than Furrylogic. I am sure they were there, it just wasnt advertised, and you cant just assume cuz someone is wearing an animalistc costume that they have heard of furry and then you go and try to ask them and they look at you like you are really fucked up and for a burner to think something is weird, it's weird :)

Ya know, that makes me think, we should have some sort of Furry Burner symbol that can be made into a button or can be used as branding on the side of vehicles and camps and such, so we can identify ourselves to one another. Maybe like a combination of the Buringing Man symbol with a furry element, say instead of the trianglish burningman head that is in the symbol, a generic, styalized animal head, and on the end of the two curved lines that make up the burning man feet and arms, could be styalized paws, dunno...

Thus, which brigs me to my thought that I am really interested and hopefully going to enjoy meeting more furry burners, because quite frankly, I love furry, but I can't stand furry fandom. Being a burner is where my heart is and when I first discovered furry fandom, it was the eclectic, wacky, out there group of people I was looking for, but it was still not totally my niche, and then I found the Burning Man community and am very much where I want to be. I always felt like when I was at furry cons that I could only go so far without being disaproved of, such as it was ok for people to wear bondage gear in a hotel lobby, but if I wanted to be totally out there, wild and crazy (burner style) and even (gasp) do drugs, it was looked down upon. Yet I do love anthropomorphic animals and still want them to be part of my life, but I want to have my cake and eat it too, or to be a furry and a burner, and hang out with other furry burners who have the same open mind set, that I found lacking in furry fandom.

So on to other thoughts, another thing that I over packed my first two years, but now I am becoming a pro at, is I was taking too much and all the wrong food. First thing to remember is that because it is so fucking hot, you wont want to eat anywhere near as much as you do normally. You'll snack during the day and probably make yourself a nice supper and thats it. Granted there are lots of camps that go balls out and make these elaborate gourmet meals, but if your going to be cooking for yourself, take stuff that is easy to prepare. The first thing I realized was that you dont want to cook over a camping stove when it is so hot during the day, and cooking takes time, and you literally want to be out doing things 24/7 for the most part, cooking starts to become a chore and takes you away from your fun (and I love cooking). My staples for the week consist of crackers and a slab of cheese and peanut butter. I bring tortilla skins and a couple cans of refried beans, you can pre-cook rice and bring it in sealed ziplock bags, same thing with pre-hardboiled eggs, keep em in the shell for a quick and easy snack. The best food I have found is pickles, bring yourself a huge jar of pickles, they taste great in the desert, they give you water and the salt your body is craving. Another great desert food is hummas and pita. Bring trail mix. Another great idea is bring canned food, like canned ravioli and such, it's easy to carry in your bag, you let it sit in the sun to heat it up, you have a continer to eat out of, and clean up is simple. There is also the last major town (not Gurlach) where everyone buys their fruits and vegetables and water, which is a lot of fun, because it's a total midwest sorta, rural town and all these completly wacky looking burners blow through every year and buy out their supermarket :)

I always take 2 gallons of water per day, so 14 gallons total. Realistically I never end up drinking them all, but thats ok because your encouraged to donate all your extra water to the DPW, as they will be around for several more months. (The water must be unopened and sealed or will be thrown away).

I also take a solar shower bag, and for that I bring down those collapsable containers, which I fill up with hose water at a gas station hitting black rock, and then I pour the containers of water into my shower bag as I need it. I only use the shower once in the morning, otherwise your best freind is baby wipes, bring a shit load of them, they are so refeshing and nice to have, you can wipe the dust off, clean up after using the loo, keep them in your cooler for a cool, refreshing face towel, and for practicality reasons if your goign to be giving oral sex, you dont really want to be going down on dusty, sweaty, gentitals, so having a baby wipe on hand lets you give em a quck-n-easy clean :)

I find one of the best frivilious things to take down is toys, especially blinky light toys. If your going to be doing E, acid, shrooms, DMT, etc.. even though the playa is full of wonderful and beautiful sites, sounds and fun things to do, it never hurts to bring your own little toys. I love finding high people and giving them something fun to do, even something as simple as a vix inhaler or tiger balm to a person on E, will make their moment, and it's a good way to introduce yourself.

The dust will destroy electronics, pure and simple, if there is a concievable crack or opening, it will be filled with dust. I always bring down my PDA, cell phone, digital camera, laptop, etc... but I pack them into the deepest recesses of one of my bags and forget about them for the entire week, with the exception of my digital camera, which I have a waterproof housing for so I can take pics, even in a dust storm. You will see lots of people with their laptops and camcorders out in the open, they are taking a risk IMO. We do have a wireless network there, and last year a freind of mine was even able to hop onto the connection from a nearby county and using telephony software I was able to make a call back to Vancouver, which was not only amazing that it was possible, but also great, since the call I had to make was to take care of a crisis situation back home.

There are lots of ways you can particpate at Burning Man, one of my favourite ways is I take a paper route for the Black Rock Gazette, there are always lots of paper boy/girl positions, and its litterally the best job. Every night the paper is produced on macs in
an air conditioned trailer and then sent via satellite to reno as a pdf and printed out and then trucked into Black Rock in the morning and it has to be delivered to 20,000 some residents, and thats where the paper boy comes in. YOu take a section of the circle and thats your route, and you do it at your own pace, and it's great because you get to walk around and visit all the camps in your route, everyone is happy to see you because they want to read the morning paper, and they invite you in and give you food and drugs and talk with ya, and you meet people from intersting places, etc... its great.... I suggest signing up....

One piece of advice that I really want to stress that no one else really stressed to me is the importance of a quality dust mask. My first year everyone I knew that had gone previously was really non-chalant about the whole dust mast thing, it was like "oh just get paper dust masks, or use a cloth". Noooooo that is not the case, granted a lot of people at the burn have the paper dust masks or nothing at all, but if you care at all about your lungs, you will go futher. I wear one of the high end particle dust masks with the detachable filters, and the quality molded rubber face piece. I also bring regular, paper dust masks, which I wear during normal days when the dust is just average, but when the major storms kick up (and they always do) you want a hardcore dust mask. I unfortunetly do not have the URL on me, but a freind from a local university did a spectrum analsys of the dust from the playa and its pretty nasty stuff, it has heavy metals in it and even traces of radioactivity (there is nuclear waste storage facilities in Nevada). If you have even slight asthma, take the extra percaution, you'll thank me.

One interesting thing to note about the dust is that it is alkaline, and thus you cant wash it off with water very easily, so for example whem you come back home if you wash your clothes in the washer they will still look grimey when coming out, you wash your car or bike it will dry dusty, etc... the secret is to change the PH, so wash your clothes with a cup of vinegar (added to the detergent) wash your car with vinegar in the water, etc...

Whew, I had no idea I was going to get on such a roll, this became very long and I have so many more topics I can talk about, but I am working our trade show booth at the Tokers Bowl this weekend and am insanely busy, so I must end this for now...... I'll add more later

Dondi Meerkat
11:57 am
Some other stuff to think about...
Last night, I attended a Meet & Greet for the Boston camp and they got me thinking...what are we going to do to make other burners want to visit our camp?

Are we going to include some activities? And if so, what would they be?

Are we going to adopt a theme for our camp? And if so, what would that be?

Are we going to have fursuiters available?

Are we going to play with the 'Beyond Belief' theme adopted for the event this year?

I just wanted to bring this up into discussion. I wasn't sure whether our camp was going to be our little furry haven or a place where we could share a little piece of who we are with the other playa-dwellers.

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
11:24 pm
'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello
Hello all, Dondi Meerkat here, I go by Rko on the muck. I have been going to Burning Man for 3 years now and was discussing some of my experiences in The Purple Nurple, where Acy was and it was suggested I check out this community. It would be interesting to get to know some other furry burners, the only other one I know of is my best friend Furrylogic. So I'm here to participate (as any good burner should) and since I am an experienced burner, I'd be happy to answer any questions and offer advise.

I've had my ticket for this year for months now, but am not quite sure how I am getting down there (I am in Vancouver, BC), we have a very large and organized burner community here, although this year I am not going to be part of the Vancouver camp, last year I hooked up with a bunch of my friends from Calgary that were running a black rock radio station called Kamp Broadcast Kanada (or KBK), and think I might likd to be part of that this year, we'll see....

Anyhoo, thats all fur now.....

Dondi Meerkat
Saturday, April 26th, 2003
10:19 am
Just a few random comments...
Bathing... You can always do what most people seem to. Chase the water truck, naked!

Unfortunately, gray water is quite verboten -- note the lack of soap. (And all the naked fat people!) You're going to be out in the middle of nowhere in some desert for a week. You'd best be prepared to just be dirty!

One of my current (soon to be former) roommates went last year, and said that's basically the case. Sadly.

Gear and Professional Advice. One other thing I might mention is this! My brother is a manager and handles purchasing for the Whole Earth Provision Co. in Houston. I'm sure that with enough prodding, he can be convinced to offer advice on this endeavour, and perhaps cut some discounts on camping gear.

RV As far as renting an RV goes, sure it's convenient, but it's also kind of antisocial, shutting yourself up in this portable house. It's also REALLY fucking expensive.

On the other hand, if it has decent cookware, refridgeration without the expense and bother of ice, and a quiet generator.. I sure as hell wouldn't mind visiting!

Food. If you don't have a home food dehydrator, they're really not that expensive. Hell, when my bro was hiking the AT, my mom would dehydrate leftovers and mail them to my brother out on the trail, and he was happy to get them. Apparently he ate better than a lot of the other through hikers. I could probably convince her to let me borrow hers, or just let me have it. My mother prepared meals for a good deal of my brother's trip, so I'm sure she can offer all kinds of helpful advice as well. I also made *tons* of stinking jerky when I was on the Atkins thing last summer. (It didn't stink. It was quite good, actually, better than the rubbery shit you get at gas stations.)

So, instead of ramen noodles, hot dogs and rice crispies with powdered milk, you can have things like enchilada casserole and.. um.. rice crispies with powdered milk. Ahem.

Other Non-LJ Furries I'm thinking of Aaron the Bunny (SF local, responsible for the Club Wednesdays Furry event here), Uck (Went last year, most likely will again), Chairo (possibly) and anyone else in the Bay Area I might know of, but can't think of off the top of my head because I haven't slept yet. Bigger groups are harder to manage, but I think having some redundancy (friends) around can definitely help with expenses, assistance in emergencies, etc.

Cigarettes If I smoke one pack every three days on my own, how many packs should I bring? On average, how many times a day will I be hit up for people wanting to bum? Will I smoke more or less?

Skin Care You need to pack a whole lot of hand lotion! And zinc oxide for your nose.

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Thursday, April 24th, 2003
3:24 pm
so I called Famibly RV in San Jose Back
Here's the dilly-o

The cost for a 29-31 foot RV for 10 days *Aug 23-Sept 2* is going to 1700 dollars. This includes a bike rack. They will aslo throw in for 30 dollars per person, a blanket/dish/cup/etc. You can only use the hitch for a bike rack, no trailers. This includes 1000 miles, and she said going to and from San Jose to Bm and back is about 700-800 miles, so we're good there.

Pricing structure is this: At time of rental, they need 500 dollars. This is a deposit only. 30 days prior to the rental, they need the entire rental fee, this is NOT minus the deposit, because the day of the rental they take that depoit, plus another 1500.00 deposit for a total deposit of 2000 dollars. She also mentioned that all these RV are privately owned models that are allowed to be rented out to people by the owners, so they are very thourough on cleaning. The least amount they've ever gotten an RV back with is 250 bucks Thats if everything is spotless.

The deposits must be put onto a credit card. Also, something I've run into with renting an RV, anyone who is going to drive said RV *or, the one driver involved* MUST get a Binder through an insurance company. Not all insurance companies will do this. This is not a single company, this is something that two companies have now told me.

SO. We'd need someone with the correct insurance to get a binder (she mentioned these are rarely, if ever given out to people under 24-25 yrs of age) and that person must also have a credit card that can have a 2000 dollar deposit put on through the course of the week. This is not something that can be gotten around. I didn't ask what the deposit would be through the other company, but I'm sure it'll be high as well. Gas, on the otherhand shouldn't be too much of a problem, since the unit is said to get 10-14 miles per gallon, and that pulls out to 80 gallons for an 800 mile trip. So, 80 gallons time even 2 bucks a gallon is only 160 dollars extra for gas.

So, here's the facts, before anything else, do we have someone who can rent this RV?
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003
4:59 pm
Optional Mandatory
So what do ya'll want to see when you see our group of ___ [I keep the number 10 in my head and just work with that, always guestimate more than you'll need] members heading down to Black Rock City? UW has conveyed some hopes dreams fears ect. about the mundane stuff- The transportation and the money and the water, ect.

How 'bout some OTHER ideas? Even if you aren't sure you're even going, Hell even if you're NOT going ideas are awesome. A lot of us [Like UW and I], this is our first time. So our ideas are no less than your ideas, and certainly no more. :)

My Fear of The Moment is that people are going into this thinking they can just toss in 20 bucks and hop on the truck. I wish it were that easy, but this isn't like going to a convention. Its like going camping in a forest full of oddly dressed moving trees. We all have rent to pay, Hell to pay and pay to give away. I know that. But its every little bit counts now: Stop going to McD's, Start counting your coins and go make use of your saving's account for what its useful for. I don't mind if someone else is picking up the slack for you. Just be aware it isn't going to be me. Well. In the money dept. at least..

I just ate a peanut butter flavored jelly bean and it was NOT good times.

Update: I just ate a coffee flavored jelly bean, and its good times again. See? That's life.

Here's how I stand:

Food: I will supply my own food. I will bring a little more than what I need, but not much. Depends more on how much I can carry then the cost. I want everyone to be fed WELL. Water is something I will contribute money towards. You crazy fools on the West Coast are going to have to tackle the issue of bringing it together. I heard something about a hose? What?

Essentials: As far as I'm concerned, I'm bringing my own everything so I have everything I think I'd need. If I have extra to share, Its done. If I don't, I'll live without it. It ain't no thang.

Bathing: [at this time] I really can't contribute to buying one of these shower contraptions I've heard speak about [seems like a waste of water to me] therefore I won't, and no, I won't be that guy and try to mooch off of it later in the game. Baby wipes and dust baths for me, please.

Sleep: I'm not going camping so I can sleep indoors. In otherwords, I don't want to sleep in an RV. I liked the parachute tent idea the best but I'm sure some of you would like privacy. I can't afford a tent myself so unless my dad has one I'll either be sleeping in the RV, if that's the road we go down, or I'll be sleeping under the parachute.

Transportation: Again, the RV subject. I don't really care what's purchased for transportation but I have VERY LITTLE MONEY and would like to go with what's cheapest. I don't need [or want] electricity out in the desert. I don't need a private bathroom [port o potties: there for a reason] If it rains, I'll deal. I don't mind being wet, I just don't want my shit to get wet. That's what the transportation is for, to me. To get us there and to keep our shit safe. We need something for "us" and the luggage, we need something for our water.

Finally, Getting my shit out there: When it comes down to the final weeks I may utilize my dad's buisness' UPS to mail some things out to whomever I can do this to. I'm flying out there from Deleware [or Philly or NJ or Baltimore], luggage after about 45 pounds is expensive. Free is better than expensive, so there you have it. Once we know exactly /what/ we're driving around in we'll know just how much space we'll have for luggage. If I can fit everything I need into one big suitcase, awesome. If I can fit it into two, So be it. Three and I'd need to rethink what I'm taking in the first place.

Bloop. I'm tired of writing and my break is over [back to doing commissions]. I'd really like to hear from ya'll. Not in replies to this post but in seperate posts stating how you feel and what not. Huzzah?

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2:11 pm
still trying to make this work
So I saw a commercial for a National RV rental compnay and checked it out.

Here's the link to rates.

For a large RV which includes a Generator and everything, for 8 days, it's 1790. That only has room to sleep 7 as well, and 4 of those are in shared beds.

I also put in a call to Family RV which is located in San Jose. Found the number on the RVAmerica website. They should be calling me back. Acourding to the information listed, you can get the larger RV from them for only 600 bucks. Which would be amasing.

Checked the RV-rental network website, and got a quote for a large Class C RV for 2100 dollars. Something tells me the quotes from Family RV is going to be higher then 600 bucks for the week.

Another thing I just thought of, an Rv is going to have to be rented a couple extra days, like one before, one after, since you have to pack/unpack the thing when you get it/get back.

EDIT and repost since I was dumb and put it in my journal first.

Also called Arnone RV in San Jose. Nice lady there. They have a 10 person Class C that will run 1000 per week, plus 160 each additional day AND 20 cents a mile.

So, I need somebody to get a milage run from San Jose up to the playa. I'd do it right now, but I gotta go to work.

Another thing with Arnone, and this may be with other rentals too, the person who rents must provide coverage through an insurance carrier. So, I can't rent the RV, since my insurance has no coverage. Also, she made a point to mention that the 10 person RV has no Tv, which honestly, I like that more :) THIS one sounds good, and we'll need to move quick probably to get it. Didn't ask about deposit. Probably like half or something.

Respond guys. I'm still working for this, I expect a show of support now.
12:10 am
water is nto an issure i gots yah covered liek a jimmyhat
I just need a head coutn then i can get the wate we will need to take with use its nto that hjard to get water. hehe and its free hhhh. Well if thre are anyr egarded as to how many ar egogin woudl love to have an exact head coutn for the burn so if yah can read my bad spelling im way fuckgin tired adn is just dotn care.

Email me at rudyjones_ps@hotmail.com
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003
10:01 pm
I thought you all should know
I have just reserved a pick up truck rental for myself from Reno/Tahoe Airport from Aug24 till Sept 1st. I will be on the playa regardless. If the rest of this loosely formed group get the act together and move it right, I have untill the day before to cancel my reservation and go with you folks. I will be waiting another month to two months to buy my plane ticket. You all have until then to get the act in gear. Otherwise, I'm going to also rent a tent for the back of the pick up (founda site to do that) and I will buy my water and my food and I will get my ass to the playa.

I'm still with you, if there's something to be with, but this has to be done for my own wellfare. I can't only depend on others.

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Thursday, April 17th, 2003
1:11 pm
A little peturbed....
So, I write out a few very basic, honest goals that need to met, thoughts towards us all getting to the playa, and two people responded. I'm not feeling very confidant in this entire process right now, let me tell you.

I'm trying to help plan a trip that is taking me, and one other like minded, serious person, across the country, to a city in california, packing up some stuff, driving to the desert, buying water, and living in the heat and weather and lifestyle through whatever comes up, and I'm getting the feeling that people aren't taking this as seriously as they should.

I need to know folks, how serious are you at going. No, this doesn't include those who have already shown interest past "Hey, it would be really NEAT to go to Burning Man", this is for the rest of you. I've made a desiscion to be on the playa come the end of August. How many of you have done the same?

We NEED, before anything else, a list of possibles, and those, who like me, are ready to commit now. We need to start planning, we can't start planning till we know who's going and what they can and cannot do for the group as a whole. This is going to be a team effort, as the creedo of Burning Man states, NO SPECTATORS. We will all chip in money, time, effort, equipment, knowledge, and skills to making this happen. If you don't want to throw in a full piece of this pie, then don't, but we need to know now.

Rudy, I need to know who else, who may not be on this list, or who may not be known by the rest of us. You've said you know of ten people who are going, so I need this full list. As of now, the people I'm hearing from include me, you, Lumi, Jessup. The people I'm hearing as possibles include Lumi, also include Jag and Hukka, and even You. So, as of the people I know, we have Jessup and myself, and Lumi is throwing 200 dollars towards the pile. Neither Jessup or myself want it to be just us. There is INTEREST shown by a variety of fuzzballs and friends, but we need some names.

Please help me out a little folks. I'm doing all I can on my end, and I'm in need of a little support from my fellow first-timers and the vets amoung us.

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
6:37 pm
So I'm buying a large wheeled travel case. The one I'm looking to by [for 40 bucks] is something like 35x20". Is that too big for the RV? Should I go smaller? There is a smaller version, but its only 3 bucks less. Not a great buy IMO and I'd like to stick to having ONE [1] bag. In it will be my things for the entire week.

If we are virtually sticking together on this, maybe some of us can bring some things and some of us bring others? Picking up the slack for each other so we can bring it home with no worries.

My biggest concern here is water, since I can't really transport water over the plane. How are we addressing the water situation? I know it will be hard to calculate [amount of water x people going] until many things are set in stone. Like the amount of people actually GOING.


Since all of "us" use it, we should meet up on Tapestries sometime. For a town meeting of sorts. Think of it as getting supplies in case of a nuclear explosion, then taking a pre-strike trip out to ground zero. :)

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9:45 am
Time to circle the wagons, or vans, or RV's (its long, but READ IT!)
Ok folks, we're getting into summertime shortly and we all need to pull together if we're going to make this happen. EVERYone needs to do a little extra and get things set up if we really do mean to get to the desert.

Most camps that end up going have meetings about who brings what, who does what, cooking, cleaning, ect, but we really can't do that. I think we need to use this LJ to set up equiment and structures and the like.

First of all, the major point, how are we getting to and from the playa? Rudy, you said you were looking into vans, and that fell through because of costs that cropped up to the end. I think from what you said it was gonna be 350 + 450 to rent the two vans, and thats only for one week, I thinks it was like 100 bucks each additional day. That does sorta drop it out becaue before gas or anything, we're already at 1100 bucks, and thats falling into RV cost. For the money, an RV is a better bet for the week, I think. Might be wrong. RV rental needs to happen fast, even if it's simply reserving one that we can cancel later on. Most places will let a cancelation happen probably up to a month, if not closer before the date to rent. Who wants to call around and make information gathering requests? If somebody gets me a list, I'll call around too. Almost any RV sales place will rent RV's for a week at a time. Might be good to tell them we'll need it for a week and a half, perhaps? I'm planning on being on the Playa Sunday/Monday Aug 24/25 till Monday Sept. 1. For those of us flying in, I'm thinking about taking the trip Friday Aug 22 till Sept 2 or 3. Figure I can crash with someone and catch a ride to the airport one of those days. Things to think about when renting the RV: Ask to see the actual RV you'll be renting when you pick it up, if possible, or ask to see a similar one. Ask about gas consumption, while driving, and also while running the Generator when its sitting. Ask for demonstrations on how to open/close anything, if it's one of the newer RV's with the extendable sides or an awning. Ask about late return fee's, ask about how much is needed at the time of rental *full amount + deposit + whatever*, Ask if it has a trailer hitch, or if it's possible to tie things to the roof. Ask about roadside assistance if something goes wrong. Ask about millage. As far as I know RV rentals are always unlimited miles, but I don't want any nasty suprises. Again, we need one person to do phone work here. I can do it, if somebody gets me a list of RV rentals in the San Jose San Fran area. Also, it might be good to look a little farther out, if somebody would be willing to drive and pick it up, as those area's might be more expensive, being the cost of living and such. I dunno.

Second, we need a list of all people who are going to go. Yes, money is an issue, yes, its still a few months off, but we can't base this around people who are wishy washy, work out a budget, work out a plan, and then discover one or two people just decided they couldn't do it. Yes, this may still happen, but we need people working together on this. Supposedly we're taking 10 or so people to the desert together, in an RV, with enough food and water to last a week. We can't just bumble into this like typical furs and 'hope to find some crashspace at the con or sleep in the lobby if not*. There is no lobby! Anyway, we need to get that list together. Now. I'm assuming if yer reading this, yer interested in going. How many people are ready to put forth the effort, energy and funds to make this happen?

Third, we need a few other things set up for the camp. With 10 people going, and a little effort, we can have a decent living space for us all in addition to the RV. I would rather not rely simply on that, because if something goes wrong it's all hell. Plus, space will be cramped in the RV, and hot during the day, so it won't be someplace we all want to cook/eat/sit around all the time. I've been told that Rudy has gotten a Parachute. There are a few very nice sites online about parachute structures, I've looked through most of them, and probably the best variation is one that involves a single pole in the center, and guide lines stretched out. One version, seen here, is the best I've found. A) It looks cool as hell, B) is withstands the winds with it's basic structure while providing shade and 'air conditioning', and C) it looks cool as hell. Yeah, I want to have a neat looking camp. Go ahead. Laugh! But I'd rather not just roll up inna Rv and throw a couple chairs out front and be like "The furs have arrived!". Fuck that shit. I want people to say "Hey, remember those wierd, wild, crazy furs with the funky tent and the music that dropped da bomb?" Ok, so I don't want anyone saying we dropped da bomb, but you get what I mean.

Tables. These can be constructed most easily with Milk crates and a board on top. Figure Thee milk crates, attached together with the speed plastic ties *the ones cops sometimes use for handcuffs, the ones that have to be cut off* on either end of the board, holes drilling in the board to attach to crates with speed ties, and then four rebar stakes to pound into the ground. I think if we have two of these tables it should get us going pretty well. Give us a place to set up any sort of cooking and stuff, and we can set them up/break them down easy like.

Another thing. REBAR stakes. Read up on the website if you don't know what rebar is, why it works best for stakes. We're gonna need a buttload of this, probably 10-20 stakes, with the parachute structure, and the awning if we have one. Also with rebar comes something to tie it down. A reel of parachute cord can be picked up on ebay or other places for relativly cheap. This stuff ties down well and works well.

Bathroom. Mostly, the shower. The idea I have for the shower is this. Four pieces of plywood, a 4x4 base, making it about the size of a shower stall, maybe 3x3x5. In the bottom, another piece of wood, covered with thick plastic *they sell rolls of this stuff for gardens to put down under landscaping, it keeps weeds from growing* maybe three or four layers. Even better, a piece of hard plastic, over that, so we don't worry about ripping the pastic. Now, make the whole thing break down able with wing nuts and bolts, and make a slight angle to the bottom by using washers on one side. Now, drill a 'drain' and then make another base, attached with 1 inch PVC pipe, out the back, covering this base with another sheet of black plastic. MUST be black. This drain pool is left in the sun, we all take showers, water fills into drain, sun evaporates water, soap and scum left on black plastic. If you really wanted to get creative you could make the plastic changable 'on the fly'. Also, if you wanted to go way overboard and found some cheap tile, you could tile up the inside of the shower stall. hee. Have a hook or something up above the walls to hook solar shower bag. Done. This is a very advanced shower. If somebody wanted to whip together something simpler, but remember, curtains don't work, and we can't use the shower in the RV because A) the water we have in the RV tanks is for drinking, less space wasted with jugs, and B) the drainage has no place to go once it's full, since we won't have hook-ups to drain off on the desert (note, ask when renting the RV if there is any type of draining fee if the RV is brought back with water in it. Make mention we aren't going to use the toilet, so there should be no fee for that)

Food Everything I've read about playa life is that people eat much less while out there. Ideas I've had include one meal a day where we can all meet up back at camp, say 4-5 o clock, to reduce water usage while cooking, and also talk about what we've seen, ect. We're going as a team, so we should share what we've found. None of us are actually going to be hanging totally together the whole week, we'll never see what we want, only the major stuff everyone wants to see. So, this way, we can tell of our adventures, our discoveries, ect. So, food. I think if we have ten people going, we should be able to find 2-3 people who don't mind doing the cooking for everyone else. Remember about cooking, you have to clean. (think two wash tubs, then dump dirty water into shower 'drain' pool to evaporate) so whoever cooks doesn't do dishes. Anyway, back to food. Pasta, CousCous, beef jerky, dried fruit, MRE's. Now MRE's aren't cheap, but someone I know might be able to get them through a base shop, so we might be able to get them cheaper. Plus, it will give a little variety. Also, Barillo pasta now makes dry, cheese filled tortellini. Not frozen, just inna little bag. They have four flavors, portabello, asparagus, spinish, and straight ricotta cheese. The other all have ricottas as well, and one bag is enough for 2-3 decent servings, more if yer eating small. A little garlic powder and a touch of olive oil and thats a decent meal. I'm thinking the stove in the RV will be good for cooking, though we might want to bring a back up coleman just in case. One of the little two burner ones, and a few bottles of fuel. Everyone going will be bringing a mess kit, including personal fork/spoon/knife, bowl, drinking bottle/cup/canteen. Also, being that we have ten, a good idea would be that everyone buys food for one meal, and then we all do one night of cooking.

A thought onna trailer. Could anyone borrow, or has access to a small trailer we could haul? I'm thinking this would be the best way to get bikes to the playa, as well as carry any and all trash out of the desert with us. There is a landfill on the way back that is open for us to drop stuff off. This doesn't have to be covered, and honestly, I'd prefer if it wasn't. *smells bad in confined, hot places* It's also a little bit more extra room for us to put anything we need so we're not cramped inside the RV. We don't need it, but it is a thought.

Chairs You bring what you want to sit on. Sure, inside the RV, we got some seats, but they being so cheap now, under 20 bucks, under 10 on sale, get one of those folding captains chairs. Not the little square ones, but the bigger ones with the armrests. They are damn comfy, and some even come with a footrest. The ones with the footrest can be slept in too.

Tents I'm bringing my own small tent to set up outside the RV. I like having my own space to go to, its a personal thing, AND, lets face it, I am looking for some fun of a carnal nature while out on the playa, and that means neeging an air mattress and private place. Nobody wants to watch me hump my brains out with somebody in the RV, so I'm thinking ahead. So should you, if you like priavate space or the like. Or, we all chip in and get one of those big four room tents, with the three seperate rooms and buy three airmattresses and make it like the No Tell Motel of our camp. This could be wishful thinking on my part though.

I suggest everyone who is serious about going, add themselves to the burning_man comm, as I've learned a lot talking with these folks, mostly about the mentality of people who will be there. Read the website for the event and then go back and read it again. Read the linked pages it gives you off site. Do google searches and read those. None of this will prepare you fully for what this will be, but if we all are SERIOUS about doing work before the event, then we will all have a wonderful time at the event. All the horror stories I've read involved people going unprepared, unready for what they were doing. Now is the time to be anal, now is the time to be firm, now is the time to work our butts off to get to the playa.

Cost This is going to be expensive, probably around 2000 dollars or more when you add in the cost of the RV and gas and water, BUT, with 10 of us going, the total cost is minimal. It's less then most of us would end up spending onna con, or maybe the same amount, but it's for a week, and its not just a con. Even if the total price is 3000 dollars, thats only 300 bucks per person. Thats for a week. Thats between 25-35 bucks a day if we spend 8-9 days like I'm planning on. CHEAP. Think of what you're getting for that? Now, there is a way to cheapen this further. Some of us are artists, and vulgaris had an interesting point. There is furbid, and time. If the few of you wish to help out the group as a whole, do a few comissions and donate the cash towards the RV, or water, perhaps. Think about it!

Ok, enough for now. There's more to think about, but this is a good start. Yeah, it's long, but this all needs to get done, and then some. So ask yourself, are you serious about going? If yes, then lets do some work, and get this happening. I love you all, you never doubt that.

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6:21 am
self appriciation
So apparently, Rudy Jones is an awesome god and we should all draw porn to pull our money together for great burning man expenses. Yes. That also means I'm going- Unless something so great it causes me to not want or be able to go comes up. Need to get something excellent done in my life before I'm betrothed to the eternal debt that is a student loan payment.

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
11:36 am
RV Rental?
Well, if Rudy's going to rent a van to carry stuff, why don't a bunch of other people rent an RV? We can drive together, too, so we'll have both cargo and relaxation space.

Click here for Cruise America's rates... Looks like a really big RV will run us $1600 or so. It'll sleep 5-7 people. The large RV also has a generator, which will give us music -- I know Rudy wanted to bring his decks and mixer. Don't know how much power it puts out, though...

Anyway. Does anyone else know of a good RV rental place? Is this a good idea? Am I being a wuss for wanting to bring an RV?
Sunday, March 30th, 2003
12:25 am
LIsten to my wizdome fools.
Ok so like word up.

Here be the info for you to read.
1. generators we need one they cost 500 bucsk fo ra good one. Trust me i have the paper work on like 40. haha

2. I am gogin to be rentign a van if i rent a panal van with 2 seats it willonly seat 2 legal ocupants. If i rent a passanger van it will seat 6-8. However if i get the passanger van there is less room. So i need soem help i am already kinda dedicated to driving 3 mabey 4 fursons wiht m.

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Thursday, March 27th, 2003
5:03 pm
Welcome and stuff
I'm going out this year, if all goes as planned, for the first time. Still not exactly sure about who/what/how the planning is going.

Coming from Detroit has me with this plan though. I'm hoping to hook up with a group of people *most hopefully a group of furs* in either San Jose or Reno. both of these offer cheap flights *Reno through charter stuff, San Jose through Southwest*. I'm also planning on giving the group I'm going with money for food/water/ect so I can spend my carry on luggage allotment on clothes and gifts. Also planning on picking up a decent food dehydrator over the next couple months and making a crapload for the trip. How much dehydrated beef could you fit in one regulation sized carry on :)

So, whats the story? Anybody reading this feel like offering a place? I have a basica knowledge of tools and survival, I'm a decent furson, and I bathe regularly *even when camping, the horror!*


Also have a very nifty art idea using one of the speeches from Altered States as an art piece for the theme this year....pondering

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
8:35 am
Burning Fur
I really want to go to burning man, this year. I've never been.

I know there are a good deal of furries who are/should be going, so...

What's the plan? ;)

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