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So, I find out Sunday, but it looks like I'm back in

I'll even have my ticket paid for after getting word this weekend or early next week.

Once that happens, its just time to wait till the playa.

So, I ask again, now that we are closer, who's going? I realize this will NOT be the organised trip I was hoping for, and thats cool. I've got my ducks inna line, and thats all I can worry about, so I just want to know how we now plan to meet up on said playa to form a camp together.

Is somebody gonna do up that logo that got posted here as a flag perhaps? *I love the logo btw*

I'm arriving by bus I believe on Sunday and leaving the following Sunday at some time. Not sure when. I'm trying to figure out how we can find each other to group up, and move equipment to our camp. I'm going to have water, tent, etc and maybe a bike, but no way to cart the stuff back and forth.

Whats the dilly-o?!?

YAY! 66 days left.
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