Rudy Jones (rudy_jones) wrote in burningfur,
Rudy Jones

Hay kids I got us some wheels

Of form my understanding aspen adn jessupa re the only ones going up to the burn in the van. that is the only ones posting on this site.

So what i need form you guys is $200.00 bucks are close to it, if you can. I also need some idea of what type of food i should bring and any special items that you guys might like. I am thinking the best way to feed us will be deyhydrated but i knkow not everyoen wants to eat camp food. even if it is hella fucking good. So i need a list of food we might like to eat. However keep in mind that the food we bring up needs to be bale to be stored in 110 degree heat. Needs to be quick to prepare. take up as little space as possible and filled full of good fule to keep are sleep lacking burn addled bodies runngin for the whole week.

So yah i got a van it only cost me 300 bucsk it runs its bad ass. And yah well ig ot the parachute to thats 60 bucks so so far im up too 360.50 of my money But woot becuse we gogin to da playa niggas.

Hugs email me please i would liek to knwo what type of food to get.
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