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Welcome and stuff

I'm going out this year, if all goes as planned, for the first time. Still not exactly sure about who/what/how the planning is going.

Coming from Detroit has me with this plan though. I'm hoping to hook up with a group of people *most hopefully a group of furs* in either San Jose or Reno. both of these offer cheap flights *Reno through charter stuff, San Jose through Southwest*. I'm also planning on giving the group I'm going with money for food/water/ect so I can spend my carry on luggage allotment on clothes and gifts. Also planning on picking up a decent food dehydrator over the next couple months and making a crapload for the trip. How much dehydrated beef could you fit in one regulation sized carry on :)

So, whats the story? Anybody reading this feel like offering a place? I have a basica knowledge of tools and survival, I'm a decent furson, and I bathe regularly *even when camping, the horror!*


Also have a very nifty art idea using one of the speeches from Altered States as an art piece for the theme this year....pondering
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