v u l v a r de l u x e (vulgaris) wrote in burningfur,
v u l v a r de l u x e

copied from one of meerkatboy's cause i was wondering too...

"So, since I just stepped into all this, is ther a general overall plan, even if it's just a loose idea ? For example is everyone on this community list wanting to meet up at the Burn this year and camp togeather and create a furry camp ?"

I was wondering if we were doing something like that... Because I'm not sure who i'm going down with other than Rudy.. And who I'm actually /staying/ with and ect. I may just end up bringing my own tent too if I have one already. Apparently my boyfriend's parents have several and I'm pretty sure my dad has at least one. A great big HMM from me.
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