Meerkatboy (meerkatboy) wrote in burningfur,

'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello

Hello all, Dondi Meerkat here, I go by Rko on the muck. I have been going to Burning Man for 3 years now and was discussing some of my experiences in The Purple Nurple, where Acy was and it was suggested I check out this community. It would be interesting to get to know some other furry burners, the only other one I know of is my best friend Furrylogic. So I'm here to participate (as any good burner should) and since I am an experienced burner, I'd be happy to answer any questions and offer advise.

I've had my ticket for this year for months now, but am not quite sure how I am getting down there (I am in Vancouver, BC), we have a very large and organized burner community here, although this year I am not going to be part of the Vancouver camp, last year I hooked up with a bunch of my friends from Calgary that were running a black rock radio station called Kamp Broadcast Kanada (or KBK), and think I might likd to be part of that this year, we'll see....

Anyhoo, thats all fur now.....

Dondi Meerkat
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