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Just a few random comments...

Bathing... You can always do what most people seem to. Chase the water truck, naked!

Unfortunately, gray water is quite verboten -- note the lack of soap. (And all the naked fat people!) You're going to be out in the middle of nowhere in some desert for a week. You'd best be prepared to just be dirty!

One of my current (soon to be former) roommates went last year, and said that's basically the case. Sadly.

Gear and Professional Advice. One other thing I might mention is this! My brother is a manager and handles purchasing for the Whole Earth Provision Co. in Houston. I'm sure that with enough prodding, he can be convinced to offer advice on this endeavour, and perhaps cut some discounts on camping gear.

RV As far as renting an RV goes, sure it's convenient, but it's also kind of antisocial, shutting yourself up in this portable house. It's also REALLY fucking expensive.

On the other hand, if it has decent cookware, refridgeration without the expense and bother of ice, and a quiet generator.. I sure as hell wouldn't mind visiting!

Food. If you don't have a home food dehydrator, they're really not that expensive. Hell, when my bro was hiking the AT, my mom would dehydrate leftovers and mail them to my brother out on the trail, and he was happy to get them. Apparently he ate better than a lot of the other through hikers. I could probably convince her to let me borrow hers, or just let me have it. My mother prepared meals for a good deal of my brother's trip, so I'm sure she can offer all kinds of helpful advice as well. I also made *tons* of stinking jerky when I was on the Atkins thing last summer. (It didn't stink. It was quite good, actually, better than the rubbery shit you get at gas stations.)

So, instead of ramen noodles, hot dogs and rice crispies with powdered milk, you can have things like enchilada casserole and.. um.. rice crispies with powdered milk. Ahem.

Other Non-LJ Furries I'm thinking of Aaron the Bunny (SF local, responsible for the Club Wednesdays Furry event here), Uck (Went last year, most likely will again), Chairo (possibly) and anyone else in the Bay Area I might know of, but can't think of off the top of my head because I haven't slept yet. Bigger groups are harder to manage, but I think having some redundancy (friends) around can definitely help with expenses, assistance in emergencies, etc.

Cigarettes If I smoke one pack every three days on my own, how many packs should I bring? On average, how many times a day will I be hit up for people wanting to bum? Will I smoke more or less?

Skin Care You need to pack a whole lot of hand lotion! And zinc oxide for your nose.
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