quintessence ejaculate (urbanwuff) wrote in burningfur,
quintessence ejaculate

so I called Famibly RV in San Jose Back

Here's the dilly-o

The cost for a 29-31 foot RV for 10 days *Aug 23-Sept 2* is going to 1700 dollars. This includes a bike rack. They will aslo throw in for 30 dollars per person, a blanket/dish/cup/etc. You can only use the hitch for a bike rack, no trailers. This includes 1000 miles, and she said going to and from San Jose to Bm and back is about 700-800 miles, so we're good there.

Pricing structure is this: At time of rental, they need 500 dollars. This is a deposit only. 30 days prior to the rental, they need the entire rental fee, this is NOT minus the deposit, because the day of the rental they take that depoit, plus another 1500.00 deposit for a total deposit of 2000 dollars. She also mentioned that all these RV are privately owned models that are allowed to be rented out to people by the owners, so they are very thourough on cleaning. The least amount they've ever gotten an RV back with is 250 bucks Thats if everything is spotless.

The deposits must be put onto a credit card. Also, something I've run into with renting an RV, anyone who is going to drive said RV *or, the one driver involved* MUST get a Binder through an insurance company. Not all insurance companies will do this. This is not a single company, this is something that two companies have now told me.

SO. We'd need someone with the correct insurance to get a binder (she mentioned these are rarely, if ever given out to people under 24-25 yrs of age) and that person must also have a credit card that can have a 2000 dollar deposit put on through the course of the week. This is not something that can be gotten around. I didn't ask what the deposit would be through the other company, but I'm sure it'll be high as well. Gas, on the otherhand shouldn't be too much of a problem, since the unit is said to get 10-14 miles per gallon, and that pulls out to 80 gallons for an 800 mile trip. So, 80 gallons time even 2 bucks a gallon is only 160 dollars extra for gas.

So, here's the facts, before anything else, do we have someone who can rent this RV?
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