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So what do ya'll want to see when you see our group of ___ [I keep the number 10 in my head and just work with that, always guestimate more than you'll need] members heading down to Black Rock City? UW has conveyed some hopes dreams fears ect. about the mundane stuff- The transportation and the money and the water, ect.

How 'bout some OTHER ideas? Even if you aren't sure you're even going, Hell even if you're NOT going ideas are awesome. A lot of us [Like UW and I], this is our first time. So our ideas are no less than your ideas, and certainly no more. :)

My Fear of The Moment is that people are going into this thinking they can just toss in 20 bucks and hop on the truck. I wish it were that easy, but this isn't like going to a convention. Its like going camping in a forest full of oddly dressed moving trees. We all have rent to pay, Hell to pay and pay to give away. I know that. But its every little bit counts now: Stop going to McD's, Start counting your coins and go make use of your saving's account for what its useful for. I don't mind if someone else is picking up the slack for you. Just be aware it isn't going to be me. Well. In the money dept. at least..

I just ate a peanut butter flavored jelly bean and it was NOT good times.

Update: I just ate a coffee flavored jelly bean, and its good times again. See? That's life.

Here's how I stand:

Food: I will supply my own food. I will bring a little more than what I need, but not much. Depends more on how much I can carry then the cost. I want everyone to be fed WELL. Water is something I will contribute money towards. You crazy fools on the West Coast are going to have to tackle the issue of bringing it together. I heard something about a hose? What?

Essentials: As far as I'm concerned, I'm bringing my own everything so I have everything I think I'd need. If I have extra to share, Its done. If I don't, I'll live without it. It ain't no thang.

Bathing: [at this time] I really can't contribute to buying one of these shower contraptions I've heard speak about [seems like a waste of water to me] therefore I won't, and no, I won't be that guy and try to mooch off of it later in the game. Baby wipes and dust baths for me, please.

Sleep: I'm not going camping so I can sleep indoors. In otherwords, I don't want to sleep in an RV. I liked the parachute tent idea the best but I'm sure some of you would like privacy. I can't afford a tent myself so unless my dad has one I'll either be sleeping in the RV, if that's the road we go down, or I'll be sleeping under the parachute.

Transportation: Again, the RV subject. I don't really care what's purchased for transportation but I have VERY LITTLE MONEY and would like to go with what's cheapest. I don't need [or want] electricity out in the desert. I don't need a private bathroom [port o potties: there for a reason] If it rains, I'll deal. I don't mind being wet, I just don't want my shit to get wet. That's what the transportation is for, to me. To get us there and to keep our shit safe. We need something for "us" and the luggage, we need something for our water.

Finally, Getting my shit out there: When it comes down to the final weeks I may utilize my dad's buisness' UPS to mail some things out to whomever I can do this to. I'm flying out there from Deleware [or Philly or NJ or Baltimore], luggage after about 45 pounds is expensive. Free is better than expensive, so there you have it. Once we know exactly /what/ we're driving around in we'll know just how much space we'll have for luggage. If I can fit everything I need into one big suitcase, awesome. If I can fit it into two, So be it. Three and I'd need to rethink what I'm taking in the first place.

Bloop. I'm tired of writing and my break is over [back to doing commissions]. I'd really like to hear from ya'll. Not in replies to this post but in seperate posts stating how you feel and what not. Huzzah?
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