quintessence ejaculate (urbanwuff) wrote in burningfur,
quintessence ejaculate

still trying to make this work

So I saw a commercial for a National RV rental compnay and checked it out.

Here's the link to rates.

For a large RV which includes a Generator and everything, for 8 days, it's 1790. That only has room to sleep 7 as well, and 4 of those are in shared beds.

I also put in a call to Family RV which is located in San Jose. Found the number on the RVAmerica website. They should be calling me back. Acourding to the information listed, you can get the larger RV from them for only 600 bucks. Which would be amasing.

Checked the RV-rental network website, and got a quote for a large Class C RV for 2100 dollars. Something tells me the quotes from Family RV is going to be higher then 600 bucks for the week.

Another thing I just thought of, an Rv is going to have to be rented a couple extra days, like one before, one after, since you have to pack/unpack the thing when you get it/get back.

EDIT and repost since I was dumb and put it in my journal first.

Also called Arnone RV in San Jose. Nice lady there. They have a 10 person Class C that will run 1000 per week, plus 160 each additional day AND 20 cents a mile.

So, I need somebody to get a milage run from San Jose up to the playa. I'd do it right now, but I gotta go to work.

Another thing with Arnone, and this may be with other rentals too, the person who rents must provide coverage through an insurance carrier. So, I can't rent the RV, since my insurance has no coverage. Also, she made a point to mention that the 10 person RV has no Tv, which honestly, I like that more :) THIS one sounds good, and we'll need to move quick probably to get it. Didn't ask about deposit. Probably like half or something.

Respond guys. I'm still working for this, I expect a show of support now.
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