quintessence ejaculate (urbanwuff) wrote in burningfur,
quintessence ejaculate

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I thought you all should know

I have just reserved a pick up truck rental for myself from Reno/Tahoe Airport from Aug24 till Sept 1st. I will be on the playa regardless. If the rest of this loosely formed group get the act together and move it right, I have untill the day before to cancel my reservation and go with you folks. I will be waiting another month to two months to buy my plane ticket. You all have until then to get the act in gear. Otherwise, I'm going to also rent a tent for the back of the pick up (founda site to do that) and I will buy my water and my food and I will get my ass to the playa.

I'm still with you, if there's something to be with, but this has to be done for my own wellfare. I can't only depend on others.
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