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Burning Fur's Journal
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Saturday, July 21st, 2007

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Fastforward to the BRC
Hey all, going to try to go this year after all (sorry taiho!). Was wondering who all was going, or if there was anyone passing through the Colorado area for rideshare. First time burner, long time strange person. Advice welcome! Hope to see you guys there.
New fur on the playa!
Hiya furry Burners! Pleased to meet you!

I'm Ethan Staghorn the white-tailed deer. IRL I am a furry fan from Sweden working as a PhD student in signal processing. For my vacation this summer, I am planning a trip to the US and Canada to visit friends and to go to my first Burning Man.

While in America, I think it would be great fun to meet some real, live furries, since that is something I haven't done before. Burning Man sounds like a perfect place both to meet interesting people in general and furries in particular. Thus: if you feel like meeting up with me just reply to this post or send an e-mail to staghorne{at}gmail.com! Come on, it'll be fun! }:)

As for what to do, I am very open to suggestions; my main goal is simply to hang out and get to know a few guys/gals in the fandom. However, I do have a few ideas for furry activities to try in case you're interested:

First off, since I haven't met a fursuiter before, I think it would be great to do that at Burning Man. Hear that suiters? You could be the first fursuiter ever to hug me! Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! }:)

Also, if anybody is planning to go raving in their fursuit I'd love to come too! Looking at YouTube, fursuit raves seem like one of the coolest things ever! Even though the number of fursuiters at Burning Man may be rather limited, I still think it would be awesome to shake it to loud music in the company of a few humanoid animals. Raving with other, non-suiting furries would be great fun too, of course!

Another idea: if the rave_raffe is coming this year, I would definitely like to see it. Perhaps we could arrange an informal gathering of furs from all over the playa at this mechanical beast on some day/night?

More suggestions for furry fun at Burning Man are heartily welcomed! (The BRCAC-thing, for instance, sounds like it may be of interest to furries.)

Hope to see you on the playa!


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