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Burning Fur's Journal
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Friday, August 5th, 2005

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This will be my first year at Burning Man.  Our RV will be somewhere around 7:30 and Bipolar.  (40°45'17.09"N, 119°14'45.73"W, assuming the layout/location hasn't changed from last year.) Look for a few tall flags with Chinese characters and stuff on them. :)
maybe next year
Seems like fate has just stepped in and said this is a bad year to attend BM for the first time. Lost my job and then the camp I was going with, those s.o.b's shall remain nameless, decided that I dont really fit in well enough with their group, im not a vegan and "While im interesting, im not a harmonious component".

but at least my ticket wont go to waste, I flat gave it to a friend who needed an extra.

Well itd been cool to see some other furrs there, but maybe it'll work next year.

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