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Burning Fur's Journal
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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005

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Is there anybody out there?
Ok folks, it's the new year and I'm dropping a wire down the line to find out if anyone is still in this community, cares about this community, is interested in putting together some shizznit for this year, and what everyone's plans are. Now's the time.

Ticket's, for those that don't know, go on sale on Jan 5th.

I'm getting excited. This will be my second burn and my girlfriend's first. The Michigan Burners (including some of the unbercarney types of Roller Coaster fame out on the playa) are contemplating building three large Don Quixote type windmills to be set aflame by burning lances. On an even better note, we found out after starting to discuss this, it's the 400th anneversary of Don Quixote. Am I spelling that right? Who cares!

We also will be there to witness the entire BORG2 vs BORG1 showdown. Looking forward to that.

So, fellow furs advanced enough in thought and life to consider taking this next step into the relm of geekdom and adventure, let me hear your cries!

As a group, we could put together a raid on the Black Rock Animal Control. Though a part of me doesn't mind the idea of being 'captured' by that fur lined van.....Um, back on topic, yesh!

For sooth, I hope the new year has brought only good things, and for those going to Fc, enjoy it, but we need to start planning now. I made the desicion to attend BM 2003 right after meeting a burner at FC 2003. I came home, and started planning. I got stuff, slowly, all summer long, and then, even with all that time, I was still behind where I wanted to be, so we really do need to consider all options.

At the moment I have a few options. For Xmas, my rents got me an entertainment book, which has a couple coupons for RV rental. One option is having everyone congregate somewhere in the Bay Area and renting an RV plus trailer and heading north. This will probably work best with a group of 6-8 people, though we could do more if people weren't planning on sleeping on the RV every night.

Another option personally, involves driving the entire way out and back, which is how I got out the first time, and then meeting up with campmates on the playa. This could be tough, as I tried it last time, and through fate and car breakage, ended up not finding the rest of the group I was supposed to camp with until Wens of that week. Finding people on the playa is NOT EASY, no matter what happens.

Various other options include flying into Vegas and renting the RV or such and driving north, etc. It all really depends on the amount of people and what everyone is looking to do. I also, if possible, would like to have an actual camp idea set up, so that we could get prime camp space instead of being stuck farther back in the general area, and for that, we need to get the act together and start writing a proposal for the Theme Camp and such. Any ideas would be wonderful.

So, once again, happy new year, and let's see who's interested!

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