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Burning Fur's Journal
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Sunday, August 17th, 2003

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FRS Radio
I hope everyone coming is remembering to bring an FRS Radio. You can get em for like $25 (single units) at many stores. Make sure to get the kind with 38 sub channels for each of the 14 major channels.

My FRS scans through 14 preset channels really fast. Two of my presets are 4/20 and 2/11 so you can find me on there. We should come up with a Burning Furs Channel. How about 2/6 (B (for Burning) is the 2nd letter and F (for Furry) is the 6th letter of the alphabet). Not very creative, so if anyone knows of a better idea, post it. Dont go for something obvious, such as 4/20 cuz everyone is gonna be using that and the channels can get jammed up easily.

If anyone else has ideas for identifying one another, please post em.


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