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Burning Fur's Journal
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Sunday, June 1st, 2003

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Hello again
I see there is a question about what kind of food to bring, please read the big long post I made as there is a section in there about what types of food are best. I also can answer any questions you may have.

One thing that is important to me is that I would like to be able to find other furries when I am down there (particularly those of you from this LJ community). Thus I think having a symbol would be an important thing. I did this quick sketch and think it would look good as a flag or I was even considering having it made into patches or buttons to give out to us. So here it is (assuming my HTML works). Granted it is a canid furry, but its just supposed to represent a generic furry, combining the aspects of "the man" symbol with animal qualities.

Since it sounds like this group does not have a camping space picked out, most likely you will be in the general camping area, that is assuming your all camping togeather. I really would advise not to pick a camping spot on the farthest road out, as it really can be quite a distance to travel when you want to get to back and forth between your camp and the Esplanade (main inner road).

There is a massive message board in center camp as well, so it would be a good idea once a camp spot is established that on the message board a flyer is placed with something like a Buring Furs logo and then the address of the camp, so that way you can find one another and you can even put out a general call for other furreies to come by.

One important thing that is always helpful is to bring a motorola two-way, FRS radio. Get the kind that has 14 main channels and something like 30 subchannels on each channel. They are invaluable in keeping in contact with friends, arranging camp activity, and what not.


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