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So I'm buying a large wheeled travel case. The one I'm looking to by [for 40 bucks] is something like 35x20". Is that too big for the RV? Should I go smaller? There is a smaller version, but its only 3 bucks less. Not a great buy IMO and I'd like to stick to having ONE [1] bag. In it will be my things for the entire week.

If we are virtually sticking together on this, maybe some of us can bring some things and some of us bring others? Picking up the slack for each other so we can bring it home with no worries.

My biggest concern here is water, since I can't really transport water over the plane. How are we addressing the water situation? I know it will be hard to calculate [amount of water x people going] until many things are set in stone. Like the amount of people actually GOING.


Since all of "us" use it, we should meet up on Tapestries sometime. For a town meeting of sorts. Think of it as getting supplies in case of a nuclear explosion, then taking a pre-strike trip out to ground zero. :)
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