neonbunny (neonbunny) wrote in burningfur,

A furry themed village at Burning Man next year

So hot on the glow of yet another great burn, I've been thinking and talking with some others, and one thing comes up.  Each year, more and more furries are going to burning man.  Combined with all the furry themed camps on the playa, one thing that Black Rock City is missing is a Furry District.  A common place, aka Village, where furry themed camps can all camp together with a common theme in a common location.  No more trouncing around the city trying to find a furry here, a furry there, now we can all camp together.

Ya, and I'm starting early.  Only 355 days till the man burns!

Started a google group for the village.  Feel free to join and spread the word:
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