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Who's coming?

Hiya furry Burners,

Getting excited yet? I know I am! I attended my first Burn two years ago, had an awesome time, and this year I'll be back for more!

To me, Burning Man is above all an opportunity and an excuse to meet lots of fun people. That means you, furries! ;) I'd love to meet new and old furs at the Burn! I'm also looking for furry parties or events. Will there be any this year?

Last time I attended I spent nearly all of the time out cavorting around the playa in full monty a borrowed zebra costume, trying to meet as many furs as possible. (Hi to everyone I met! :) I hope to do something similar this year.

So, who else is coming? Drop me a line via comment or Gmail if you want to get in touch! You could also text my US cell phone; the number will be posted om my LJ when I've arrived in America next week.

If at the Burn, you can leave a message for me on the computers in center camp (I'll try to check them once every day), or perhaps hand a note to my campmates. Whatever you do, don't forget to state clearly where you're camped, so I can come crash your party and we can hang out together! :)

As for me, I'll be in Potato Camp, 4:30 on the 7:30 plaza. My campmates don't know about my furry identity though—I know one of them thinks that "furries are creepy"—but you can ask for the Swedish guy and they should lead you to me. :)

Let's make this an awesome Burn! See ya on the playa!

Ethan Staghorn

PS: I will not be wearing my fursuit Jake at the Burn; he's allergic to dust. ;)
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