Strife Lakota (strifelak) wrote in burningfur,
Strife Lakota

The resistance

The time has come for the heroes and heroine of furry video games to come forth and strike out against the Black Rock City Animal Control!  For the last few years they have been plaguing the playa, capturing furry brethren and auctioning them off as slaves.

It ends this year at Burning Man 2006.

Join me Strife (as Sly Cooper) and Adrian (as Fox McCloud) to form the liberation front!  Grab some water guns, get yer costume in gear, and help us liberate the captured animals from BRC AC!

We're 'specially looking for other famous heroes: Sonic, Tails, Falco, Ratchet, Ruff Trigger

Or if any of you valiant, rising heros can lend us a paw, let us know.

Else, it'll be us two against the entire BRC-AC camp! Not that Fox n' Sly can't handle it ::puffs:: >=3
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