Lumi (gordianaut) (lumin_esc) wrote in burningfur,
Lumi (gordianaut)

RV Rental?

Well, if Rudy's going to rent a van to carry stuff, why don't a bunch of other people rent an RV? We can drive together, too, so we'll have both cargo and relaxation space.

Click here for Cruise America's rates... Looks like a really big RV will run us $1600 or so. It'll sleep 5-7 people. The large RV also has a generator, which will give us music -- I know Rudy wanted to bring his decks and mixer. Don't know how much power it puts out, though...

Anyway. Does anyone else know of a good RV rental place? Is this a good idea? Am I being a wuss for wanting to bring an RV?
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