quintessence ejaculate (urbanwuff) wrote in burningfur,
quintessence ejaculate

Its about that time, to bring forth the rhythem and the rhyme

Camp placements are out!

Alright boys and boyettes. I'm down with the Ubercarney and Snowflake Village this year, and we're gonna be placed smack dab at 9:30 and the Esplanade! Straight shot to the Man, straight shot to 3:00 plaza, and far from that big mess of bad vibes known as Center Camp. WE're bringing a cardboard version of our very own Detroit Soul to the playa, where it will Burn like a Burnable cardboard building.

We have no less then 2, yes 2, weddings this year. One of which will take place at the Church we've constructed, the other perhaps the Temple, or whereever.

Jesus is camping with us. Yup. No shit. It's crazy.

Lumi, I need to know your plans, who's coming with, who's not going, and when you're planning on showing up. Our area is full, but if yer coming later then Sunday, I'll stake some ground behind us so you guys can camp close.

It's 3 weeks away folks. Like, shit nasty, it's 3 fucking weeks away.

I gotta buy goggles. I gotta buy a camelbak. I gotta buy rebar. I gotta finish my bike. I can't do any of this till I get the check with the money attached to it, but it's all good.

I know a guy who's building his second bus with a hottub in the back. Yes, you heard me. HOT TUB. IN A BUS. And he's working it out to have it on four hydrolic shocks to lift the thing up to roof level, so you can chill in the tub and look out over the playa and feel the breeze and think OMG I'M IN A HOT TUB AT BURNING MAN IN A SCHOOL BUS.

Gooferville is right next door to us too, which supposedly is this weird consotium of clowns and circus types and a live band that rules.

Can you feel that? That's excitement. It's building. Getting huge. Like a ripe watermelon about to be smashed by a crazy hippy guy on stage. It's electricty. It's front row at a GWAR show and Oedipus REx just picked you to go in the Human Blender, but it's not just five minutes of thrill, yer in that Blender and rocking out for a week plus baby.

GIVE ME SOME ADDRESSES FOLKS! If you don't know where yer gonna be, then make sure you tell me what to look up in that little computadora network they got going on.

It's almost time to burn that fucker to the earth, but first we gotta dance around him like wild injuns.

Sweet titties.
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