demon tree bear (bikerwalla) wrote in burningfur,
demon tree bear

I found this on the Bay Area Furries mailing list and had to share...

Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 16:58:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Aaron Merritt" (sfaaron26 at yahoo dot com)
Subject: [BAF] Saturday night event

Just wanted to share the info on an event happening
Saturday night.  It's a fire themed party in San
Francisco (yes, fire and fursuits do mix). 

If any of you remember Morley (the absynth drinking
cyborg teddy bear from FC), her and a few others are
raising money for an art installation that will be
premiered at an outdoor arts convention in the desert
of Nevada over Labor day.  The installation involves
the game DDR, a player wearing a full protective fire
suit, and a flame thrower.  You can fill in the

The fundraiser is Saturday night (June 4), in San
Francisco, just south of the new baseball stadium.
Starting at 9pm and going late.  There will be many
food treats and drinks that use fire, such as a cake
with candles that shoot flames 6 feet in the air, a
flaming creme brule, flaming pudding, incidiary
drinks, and more.  There will be fire spinning and
performances, as well as music from some furry techno
and downtempo dj's such as Aaron da Starfox, Fledglyng
(aka Tags the Wondercat), DJ Pup, Jovino, DJ M,
Pyrokitten, and more.

Details on the event as well as directions can be
found at:

Any questions, email me.

- Aaron Bunny
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