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Burning Fur's Journal
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Sunday, September 12th, 2010
3:12 pm
Any Burning Man 2010 pictures !?
HI Guys!
I HAD A GREAT TIME!! THANK YOU *SOOOOOOOOOO* much for making it a great time!!

I found these so far, do any of you have your pics up?

Burning Man pics - Diadexxus - http://www.flickr.com/photos/diadexxus/sets/72157624936542898/
Burning Man pics - Reveille - http://www.flickr.com/photos/29314661@N02/sets/72157624780041615


Current Mood: hopeful
Friday, September 11th, 2009
12:15 pm
A furry themed village at Burning Man next year
So hot on the glow of yet another great burn, I've been thinking and talking with some others, and one thing comes up.  Each year, more and more furries are going to burning man.  Combined with all the furry themed camps on the playa, one thing that Black Rock City is missing is a Furry District.  A common place, aka Village, where furry themed camps can all camp together with a common theme in a common location.  No more trouncing around the city trying to find a furry here, a furry there, now we can all camp together.

Ya, and I'm starting early.  Only 355 days till the man burns!

Started a google group for the village.  Feel free to join and spread the word:

Monday, September 7th, 2009
1:49 am
So, how was everyone's burn?
Sunday, August 16th, 2009
3:21 pm
Who's coming?
Hiya furry Burners,

Getting excited yet? I know I am! I attended my first Burn two years ago, had an awesome time, and this year I'll be back for more!

To me, Burning Man is above all an opportunity and an excuse to meet lots of fun people. That means you, furries! ;) I'd love to meet new and old furs at the Burn! I'm also looking for furry parties or events. Will there be any this year?

Last time I attended I spent nearly all of the time out cavorting around the playa in full monty a borrowed zebra costume, trying to meet as many furs as possible. (Hi to everyone I met! :) I hope to do something similar this year.

So, who else is coming? Drop me a line via comment or Gmail if you want to get in touch! You could also text my US cell phone; the number will be posted om my LJ when I've arrived in America next week.

If at the Burn, you can leave a message for me on the computers in center camp (I'll try to check them once every day), or perhaps hand a note to my campmates. Whatever you do, don't forget to state clearly where you're camped, so I can come crash your party and we can hang out together! :)

As for me, I'll be in Potato Camp, 4:30 on the 7:30 plaza. My campmates don't know about my furry identity though—I know one of them thinks that "furries are creepy"—but you can ask for the Swedish guy and they should lead you to me. :)

Let's make this an awesome Burn! See ya on the playa!

Ethan Staghorn

PS: I will not be wearing my fursuit Jake at the Burn; he's allergic to dust. ;)

Current Mood: boy oh boy!
Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
9:54 pm
Tickets go on sale today
The first tier has already sold out. The longer you wait to buy your ticket the more expensive it becomes.

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
1:31 pm
I need one. I've got a great deal on a ride out to the playa, and I can make this happen.

I've got cash now.

Let me know if you or anyone you know is selling one!
Thursday, July 26th, 2007
4:44 pm
Plans ?
Well it looks like we are getting a bit more activity in this community which is great.  We should try to figure out some way that we can all find one another or meet up.  I remember two years ago there was a pajama and plushie party, and it was not hosted by furries, but lots of furries showed up.  If someone is having a large furry camp and is planning to have parties, then if you could let us know your camp location or if you plan to put notices up on the centre camp board.

I figure if I see anyone wearing an animal costume, I probably will just go ask them, but of course there will easily be hundreds if not thousands of people wearing animal parts of some sort and not all of them will be furries.. but oh well, its the burn... no one cares....
Saturday, July 21st, 2007
10:21 pm
New fur on the playa!
Hiya furry Burners! Pleased to meet you!

I'm Ethan Staghorn the white-tailed deer. IRL I am a furry fan from Sweden working as a PhD student in signal processing. For my vacation this summer, I am planning a trip to the US and Canada to visit friends and to go to my first Burning Man.

While in America, I think it would be great fun to meet some real, live furries, since that is something I haven't done before. Burning Man sounds like a perfect place both to meet interesting people in general and furries in particular. Thus: if you feel like meeting up with me just reply to this post or send an e-mail to staghorne{at}gmail.com! Come on, it'll be fun! }:)

As for what to do, I am very open to suggestions; my main goal is simply to hang out and get to know a few guys/gals in the fandom. However, I do have a few ideas for furry activities to try in case you're interested:

First off, since I haven't met a fursuiter before, I think it would be great to do that at Burning Man. Hear that suiters? You could be the first fursuiter ever to hug me! Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! }:)

Also, if anybody is planning to go raving in their fursuit I'd love to come too! Looking at YouTube, fursuit raves seem like one of the coolest things ever! Even though the number of fursuiters at Burning Man may be rather limited, I still think it would be awesome to shake it to loud music in the company of a few humanoid animals. Raving with other, non-suiting furries would be great fun too, of course!

Another idea: if the rave_raffe is coming this year, I would definitely like to see it. Perhaps we could arrange an informal gathering of furs from all over the playa at this mechanical beast on some day/night?

More suggestions for furry fun at Burning Man are heartily welcomed! (The BRCAC-thing, for instance, sounds like it may be of interest to furries.)

Hope to see you on the playa!


Current Mood: excited

12:11 pm
Fastforward to the BRC
Hey all, going to try to go this year after all (sorry taiho!). Was wondering who all was going, or if there was anyone passing through the Colorado area for rideshare. First time burner, long time strange person. Advice welcome! Hope to see you guys there.
Friday, June 1st, 2007
3:18 pm
Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
9:08 am
Airlines, Bagges and Coolers
Heads up, but for those of us flying into Reno we have to worry about certain things you drivers don't.

Checked Baggage on the four major carriers into Reno (Southwest, American, United and Delta) are all capped at 62 inches for size. Some of us like to turn one of those bags into a cooler so we've got one on the playa.

Igloo MaxCold 60 Roller

This thing comes in at just under 62 inches. It's also on sale at Target.com (and stores, you can check which local stores have it on the website) for 36 bucks right now, normally around 50-60 dollars. It is the biggest cooler that falls under the 62 line. Igloo's MaxCold CUBE style wheeled cooler, which is a 70qt vs this models 60qts is 62.5 inches. Now, the question you have to ask yourself shouldn't involve qt sizes. It should involve the fact that this transfers to about 80 cans of space instead of 108 cans of space. If another 30 pack of PBR staying crisp and cold is important enough for you to risk the Oversized Baggage charge, then go with the CUBE (in some CostCo's right now for 40 dollars, check your local one) but personally, I'd like to keep that fifty bucks for the beer I'm buying, not giving it over for a measly half inch of space on a plane.

MaxCold is Igloo's version of the Coleman X-treme line of coolers that keep ice for 5 days in 90 degrees. This transfers into about 2-3 days playa time, but it kicks the butt of whatever normal cooler you might bring out there. Less trips to Artica means less money being spent, and less hearing of your campmates whining about it being their turn to truck to a sales point. Even with three locations this year (Center, 9 and 3) it's still not a fun job. Plus, with the wheels, it's easier to get this there and back.

Can you guess what I've spent my morning doing? Enjoy freaks!
Monday, January 15th, 2007
2:20 pm
time to stoke the fires
Since I've heard through the lines that a bunch of furs are at least considering BM this year, first, remember:

Tickets go on sale Jan 17th at 10Am PST. 195 bucks for the first 10K tix sold this year, then 225 for the next 10K.

So who's got a date in the desert in 229 days?

In other news, go to Tripres.com if you're interested in staying a night in Reno after the burn. For those of us traveling across country, it's nice to unwind at a casino-hotel for an evening, hit the ubercheap all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant Sushi Boat in Reno, and relax before heading back to reality. I've got a reservation at the Sands in Reno for 36 bucks (46 with taxes) for Monday (labor day) night. Also, if you want a day in Reno going out, the Sands is the same price for a Sunday night stay. Sat night is more expensive. I'm still arranging when I arrive, which will either be Sat or Sun, so I may be at the Sands, maybe not. If not, check out the Travellodge by the airport. It's 59.99 for a regular room, 69.99 for a kitchenette for Sat night, cheapest in the Reno area that I've found.

Another thing, to avoid Exodus traffic on Monday, what some of my friends did in 2005, we packed everything up Sunday during the day, then went to the temple burn, then left immediately after. We got to Fernley (right at the highway) and stayed at the Motel 6 there. Thats around 60 bucks for the evening. This lets you get up Monday, have breakfast in Fernley, shower, and liesurely head back to Reno without 8 hours of bumper to bumper hell.

Hope any of this helps!
Saturday, August 5th, 2006
11:34 am

so, I joined this FURiends thing and noticed a distict lack of burners. soooo to help facilitate the growth of this friendster-like furry buddylist, I thought I should take the bull by the balls and start a furry burner group. Naturally, I thought the two groups (there and here) could work together quite nicely.

so in the spirit of brotherly love (and not that foxxfire kinda way) I thought I would post an open invite to all you lovelies here.


Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
5:49 pm
The resistance
The time has come for the heroes and heroine of furry video games to come forth and strike out against the Black Rock City Animal Control!  For the last few years they have been plaguing the playa, capturing furry brethren and auctioning them off as slaves.

It ends this year at Burning Man 2006.

Join me Strife (as Sly Cooper) and Adrian (as Fox McCloud) to form the liberation front!  Grab some water guns, get yer costume in gear, and help us liberate the captured animals from BRC AC!

We're 'specially looking for other famous heroes: Sonic, Tails, Falco, Ratchet, Ruff Trigger

Or if any of you valiant, rising heros can lend us a paw, let us know.

Else, it'll be us two against the entire BRC-AC camp! Not that Fox n' Sly can't handle it ::puffs:: >=3
7:02 pm
For those going this year, please remember to carry your ID at all times. Most large scale bars are being told to ID, and law enforcement has made it clear they will be sending minors into bars to bust. Fines, Tickets and Shut Down are the recorse so the major installations are trying to comply.

4:30 and Brave, the Uberbar, part of Playa-Q this year, will be carding.

If you go, tell them Sissybitch sent you.
12:51 pm
C'mon guys! Look alive!

Who's gonna burn this year?  Other than me and Adrian =D

And who wants to go pester BRC Animal Control other than me? >=D

Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
11:43 pm
My location
Hey all.... just wanted to give out my camp location is Wheeville and I think is at 4:00 and Catharsis.

This will be my 5th year in a row, and I always previously came from Canada, but this year I am coming from Australia and its a hell of a lot more work (not to mention a 23 hour plane ride, yeep).

I will put my info into the digital directory as well and will use the keyword furry, so you can find me just by searching for that, in fact I think it would be a good idea if we all used that keyword so we could easily find one another.

I'll be bringing my sexy bunny costume, which basically consists of ears, nose, and a furry g-string I made that gives me a tail, sheath and furry balls. I participated in the Billion Bunny March at the burn last year, I hope they have it again this year.

Friday, August 5th, 2005
10:56 pm
maybe next year
Seems like fate has just stepped in and said this is a bad year to attend BM for the first time. Lost my job and then the camp I was going with, those s.o.b's shall remain nameless, decided that I dont really fit in well enough with their group, im not a vegan and "While im interesting, im not a harmonious component".

but at least my ticket wont go to waste, I flat gave it to a friend who needed an extra.

Well itd been cool to see some other furrs there, but maybe it'll work next year.
10:46 am
This will be my first year at Burning Man.  Our RV will be somewhere around 7:30 and Bipolar.  (40°45'17.09"N, 119°14'45.73"W, assuming the layout/location hasn't changed from last year.) Look for a few tall flags with Chinese characters and stuff on them. :)
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
10:39 am
Its about that time, to bring forth the rhythem and the rhyme
Camp placements are out!

Alright boys and boyettes. I'm down with the Ubercarney and Snowflake Village this year, and we're gonna be placed smack dab at 9:30 and the Esplanade! Straight shot to the Man, straight shot to 3:00 plaza, and far from that big mess of bad vibes known as Center Camp. WE're bringing a cardboard version of our very own Detroit Soul to the playa, where it will Burn like a Burnable cardboard building.

We have no less then 2, yes 2, weddings this year. One of which will take place at the Church we've constructed, the other perhaps the Temple, or whereever.

Jesus is camping with us. Yup. No shit. It's crazy.

Lumi, I need to know your plans, who's coming with, who's not going, and when you're planning on showing up. Our area is full, but if yer coming later then Sunday, I'll stake some ground behind us so you guys can camp close.

It's 3 weeks away folks. Like, shit nasty, it's 3 fucking weeks away.

I gotta buy goggles. I gotta buy a camelbak. I gotta buy rebar. I gotta finish my bike. I can't do any of this till I get the check with the money attached to it, but it's all good.

I know a guy who's building his second bus with a hottub in the back. Yes, you heard me. HOT TUB. IN A BUS. And he's working it out to have it on four hydrolic shocks to lift the thing up to roof level, so you can chill in the tub and look out over the playa and feel the breeze and think OMG I'M IN A HOT TUB AT BURNING MAN IN A SCHOOL BUS.

Gooferville is right next door to us too, which supposedly is this weird consotium of clowns and circus types and a live band that rules.

Can you feel that? That's excitement. It's building. Getting huge. Like a ripe watermelon about to be smashed by a crazy hippy guy on stage. It's electricty. It's front row at a GWAR show and Oedipus REx just picked you to go in the Human Blender, but it's not just five minutes of thrill, yer in that Blender and rocking out for a week plus baby.

GIVE ME SOME ADDRESSES FOLKS! If you don't know where yer gonna be, then make sure you tell me what to look up in that little computadora network they got going on.

It's almost time to burn that fucker to the earth, but first we gotta dance around him like wild injuns.

Sweet titties.
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